Photo Gallery Wall

When my husband and I got the email that our wedding photos were ready, I was equally excited and overwhelmed. They turned out so beautifully (thank you, Amy Karp!) that I knew I wanted to display them in our home, but wasn’t sure how. Since I’m a huge fan of gallery walls, I thought that might be a good solution to be able to show multiple photos. I turned to my favorite sources and looked over my Gallery Wall Pinterest board for some ideas. Overall I decided the direction I wanted to go in was mostly monochromatic, mixing neutrals and metallics in a staggered pattern with various size frames. My favorite reason for choosing this direction was that it seemed to offer the most opportunities to evolve. What if I needed to arrange them in a different way or wanted to gradually update some of the photos over time?

Photo gallery wall inspiration

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Source / Source / Source / Source

Once I settled on creating the gallery wall in our bedroom, a couple more ideas came to mind. We didn’t have much on our walls in our bedroom, so I thought making a big statement on the wall where our TV was would work well. It could be large in scale and wrap around the TV. I also liked the concept of using photo ledges to create some dimension and layering.

Photo Gallery Wall

What I used:

  • 2 white photo ledges, 36″ long
  • Frames in black, white, brushed silver, and gold
  • Photos: 1-11×14″, 2-8×12″, 3-8×10″, 4-5×7″, 1-4×6″
  • Other elements: 1-8×10″ canvas, ampersand, invitation, cake topper

Since I was planning to use multiple frame colors, I wanted to keep the frame style simple. Another thing I looked for when selecting frames were wide mats, which always help a gallery feel more refined and unified. There are some excellent choices for these types of frames on the market. I selected most of mine from Aaron Brothers in white, black, and brushed silver.

Photo Gallery Wall

Photo Gallery Wall

One of the most difficult parts of the process was selecting photos! Considerations when you’re at this point in the process are varying sizes and balancing out zoom level, using some close ups and some further away. I preselected the images I wanted to use and went frame shopping with that list, so that I could make a couple size adjustments before I put in my print order.

Photo Gallery Wall

Once I had the prints inside the frames, I divided them out into two sections for each side of the TV. Then I laid each section on the floor to roughly measure the area they would take up so they were as even as possible. Even though I had more frames on one side than the other (because of placing the largest frame on the other side), it worked out so that they were pretty even in area. I made a rough layout on the floor (with Chloe’s assistance, of course!).

Photo Gallery Wall #wedding #TV

Getting the photo ledges installed required some assistance by the hubs!

Photo Gallery Wall #wedding #TV

After the photo ledges were up, I started layering in piece by piece until everything had a spot. I decided that slightly uneven spacing matched the varied style and staggered orientation. To brighten things up a little, I brought in a few elements of gold in a small frame with our invitation and an ampersand from Hobby Lobby, which I spray painted gold. These pieces helped tie in the “I Do, Me Too,” which is our cake topper framed in a shadow box (detail below).

Photo Gallery Wall #wedding #TV

Photo Gallery Wall #wedding #TV

Photo Gallery Wall #wedding #TV

I love how it turned out! It’s very personal and captures key moments from the best day of our lives.

There were a couple things that didn’t go totally to plan but worked out in the end. I was hoping the photo ledges would allow for a little more layering. The depth of them was narrower than I expected, but they still allowed me to bring in a little bit of layering. I wasn’t originally planning on connecting everything at the top above the TV, but once I got to the last few pieces it just seemed to make sense. There was an open spot about 10″ square that needed to be filled. That’s when we decided to get an ampersand, which I think helps bring in an interesting shape among all the rectangular frames. All in all, I think this project was a success and proves that sometimes happy accidents are meant to be!


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