Holiday Metallic Mix

Metallic mix ornaments

Last January my husband and I moved in together, so this Christmas will be the first one we celebrate in our home. With my own zealous excitement (and his dutiful cooperation) we shopped for our first Christmas tree and all the trimmings. So many colors and styles to choose from! I had no specific scheme in mind, except that I knew I wanted a neutral base of metallics. Gold and silver are so pretty and elegant at the holidays, especially with some vintage textures. We started with a set of shatterproof (aka cat-proof) standard globes and added in some beyond-basic ornaments in mercury glass with glittery detailing and art deco patterns.

Metallic mix holiday

Gold on Silver Ornaments | Mercury Tealights | Vintage Drop Ornaments | Bergen Table Runner | Bountiful Bag of Ornaments | Foiled Gold Ornament | Gold Feather Branches

I decided to bring in some reds for that classic Christmas look and to blend with the room the tree would be in. The red and gold look stunning together, and the simple color palette allows for lots of rich textures and interesting shapes.

Metallic and red ornaments

Red Finial Drops | Vintage Handblown Glass Ornaments


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