Romantic Deco Wedding Style

Yesterday marked one year since my engagement and next week I’ll be married for a month! What?! Time went by so quickly and I’m happy to say our wedding was everything we hoped for. Thinking back to a year ago, I remember piecing together a wedding style that felt true to us: a vintage deco feel with elegant romanticism and some glitz and glamour. Our wedding was held in an classy restored ballroom that overlooks downtown Dallas. Below are some of my initial inspiration images. The main colors were black, gold, and ivory, with an accent of teal and a romantic floral mix with shades of pinks and burgundy.

romantic deco wedding style inspiration

Here are some images of how it all turned out. We haven’t yet gotten our professional photography, so these are mostly just snapshots. I liked having the mix of the geometric deco elements blended with the scripty romantic details. Deco is such a popular look and I enjoyed interpreting it a little differently, adding in some updated elements and punching things up with an accent of teal.

romantic deco wedding style details

During the wedding planning process, things continuously stayed busy! Having it all behind me now, I think I can fairly say that wedding planning is what you want to make of it and your level of involvement is completely up to you. In my case I definitely gravitated toward the design elements of things (aka my playground!). It was both challenging and very rewarding having the opportunity to work on most of my printed pieces, signage, and invitation calligraphy. And making my bridesmaids’ jewelry was very much a spur-of-the-moment, hey why not?!, kind of thing that ended up being really fun for me and hopefully meaningful to them.

Romantic deco wedding style DIY design


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