It’s not what you say…

…it’s how you say it!

I recently had the pleasure of attending a DSVC presentation by Erik Marinovich, co-founder of Friends of Type.  Let me just start off by saying how completely jazzed and inspired I felt after his presentation!  I mean, wow.  I was equally impressed by his talent as I was his honesty and humility.  His crazy awesome lettering skills and a kicking sense of humor are grounded with bounding determination and good ole hard work.

Erik Marinovich

Erik Marinovich from

Erik was recently featured on, where he shared insight into his wayward path to lettering.  He studied graphic design at Cal Poly, then worked as a mason for his dad’s company for a year before moving to New York.  There, he sequenced through several graphic design jobs, where he had the opportunity to work on several lettering projects.  One night after a particularly sour client meeting, Erik and his friend, Aaron Carámbula, founded Friends of Type on a whim.  They invited Jason Wong and Dennis Payongayong to join, and collectively and continually added their imaginative and sometimes humorous lettering work.  After building up an impressive body of lettering work, Erik started doing lettering full time for freelance projects.  He currently lives with his wife in San Francisco and shares a studio, Title Case, with fellow letterer, Jessica Hische.

Some examples of Erik’s work:

Erik Marinovich lettering

Lettering Work by Erik Marinovich

If you haven’t already, check out his website


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