Peonies are the Bee’s Knees

In the middle of Winter, it’s always fun to dream about sunny days and fresh flowers that Spring is bound to bring. What better way to beckon the season change than a bounty of bright pink peonies? As a symbol of romance and prosperity the peony is bursting with feminine elegance, which comes alive in the Peony Wall Art print shown below.

peony inspiration


Thank you, Pinterest, for providing some beautiful flower images.

1. Wisteria’s NEW Peony Wall Art

2. D&G Peony Print Skirt

3. MICHAEL by MICHAEL KORS Peony Textured Leather Hamilton

4. DOLCE & GABBANA Peony Print Sleeveless Dress

5. Kate Spade New York Tock Elastic-Trim Ballerina Flat

6. Agent18 Hard Case for iPhone in Vintage Floral

This is a repost from my entry for Wisteria’s Vine Blog.


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