Proactive Responsive Design

proactive responsive design

Proactive Design Presentation by Nathan Smith

This past week, I attended a presentation that DSVC hosted on the topic of responsive web design.  Nathan Smith (creator of, Mark Sims, and Mike Townson of projekt202 highlighted some fundamentals as well as current issues and topics related to responsive design.  The presentation can be viewed by clicking here.

Here are some of the key elements from the presentation:

  • A responsive website is ideal for companies that may not need an app, but need their users to have mobile access to key information
  • The mobile-first approach can help resolve the issue of large, desktop-targeted image sizes creating lag
  • Sass is a CSS pre-processor that can help execute mobile-first while preserving the desktop experience of older browsers
  • is a resource that explains how to create high-resolution websites that are also quick-loading
  • Responsive design works best when a website is initially planned with that method, rather than trying to adapt responsive to an existing fixed-grid website
  • Carefully consider how people are using the website on a mobile device and what information is the most vital
  • Examples of some reputable companies that have adopted a responsive website:
Microsoft homepage

GRAMMY homepage

Time homepage

Disney homepage

The guys at projekt202 gave a great presentation and I feel fortunate that I got to attend!


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