Fall 2012: On the Bright Side

Tomorrow around 10 A.M. in Fort Worth I’ll be running the Color Me Rad 5k.  This involves getting pummeled with multi-colored powdered dyes, leaving my white running gear brightly tie dyed and my blonde hair no doubt slightly discolored for a few days… and I CAN’T WAIT!

color me rad 5k

Color Me Rad 5k

This got me started thinking about Fall colors and what a splash brights have made on the scene lately.  Sure, for spring and summer the high-chroma hues dominated, but how does that transition into Fall?  They seem to still have a strong presence with brightly dyed denim and color blocking still holding strong.  The brights for Fall are fun and the best thing is that it gives you a great excuse to mis-match and experiment!

According to Harper’s Bazaar, “Primary brights and vibrant jewel tones start the season on a bold note.”  Starting with the Pantone Color Report for Fall 2012 and taking a look at various retailer’s offerings, you’ll see in the images below that color rules.  If head-to-toe brights are too much for you, wearing a neutral with a bright accent color is a great alternative.

Pantone fall 2012 colors

Pantone Fall 2012 Colors

Loft color denim

Loft Denim Colors for Fall

Gap color bottoms

Gap Bottom Colors for Fall

United Benetton Fall 2012 campaign

United Colors of Benetton Fall 2012 Campaign

Mens Fall colors

Fall Colors for Men

For Spring 2012 Gap launched a campaign called “Be Bright” that they are continuing into Fall.  The images are fun and energetic with the goal being to reflect a sense of optimism which can relate to your dress as well as your outlook.

Gap be bright spring 2012 campaign

Gap “Be Bright” Spring 2012 Campaign

Gap "Be Bright" Spring 2012 Campaign

Gap “Be Bright” Spring 2012 Campaign

Just for Fun…

A limited edition of Campbell’s soup cans were created to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of Andy Warhol’s soup can artwork (read more at thedieline.com).  There are four different designs in bright, contrasting colors, emulating Warhol’s artwork.  Also below, backpack manufacturer, JanSport, has taken on the brights trend in an eye-catching collection of bags.

Campbells Cans with Andy Warhol

Campbell’s Cans with Andy Warhol Theme

Jansport backpacks

JanSport Backpack Colors


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