Design for the London 2012 Olympics: Graphics Highlight

The Olympic games are now in full-swing with tonight’s show featuring swimming and men’s gymnastics.  After taking a look at some of the graphics designed for the Olympics, it seems there’s been a lot of criticism over the logo.  Originally launched back in 2007, the logo was designed by Wolff Olins. The hard edges and jagged angles hint at the digital age and Internet generation. While it may not be my favorite, the logo has energy and slightly resembles graffiti style, in my opinion.  I like the colors they picked for the various versions, however, I wish the design had been a bit more refined.

London 2012 Olympics logo

London 2012 Olympics Logo

London 2012 Olympics Logos

London 2012 Olympics Logo Variations

The accompanying typeface, which is used in signage  and other graphic elements for the Games, also has an off-kilter, jagged look.

London Olympics typeface

London 2012 Olympics Typeface

The tickets were designed by Futurebrand and feature abstracted forms on color-coded backgrounds.  The colors coordinate with the building in which the event is being held, so that ticket-holders can find their way more easily. A thumbnail of the building is above the bar code to the right, and the logo is shown in each coordinating color.

London 2012 Ticket Designs

London 2012 Ticket Designs

Olympics 2012 Cycling Ticket

London 2012 Cycling Ticket

To read more about graphics for the Olympics, check out the Creative Review Blog: London 2012: the look of the Games, Olympics ticket designs revealed.

It probably wouldn’t be the Olympics in the U.S. without good ‘ole Coca-Cola promoting the Olympic spirit.  They created a special packing series commemorating the event.  The look is clean and simple, combining a silhouetted athlete with linear elements representing the American flag.  See these images and more at

Coca-Cola Olympics Can

Coca-Cola Olympics 2012 Can

Coca-Cola Olympics Cans

Coca-Cola Olympics Can Design Series

Coca-Cola Olympics packages

Coca-Cola Olympics Package Series

Just for Fun:

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Here’s a great wrap-up of the creative industries’ contributions to the games by Creative Review:  London 2012: the creative Olympics


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