Design for the London 2012 Olympics: Uniform Highlight

Olympic athlete

Armani Olympic Design

It hardly seems possible that it’s already time for the summer Olympics!  With opening ceremony starting tomorrow in London, the Olympics hype is reaching a maximum.  While athletes are the primary focus, I enjoy soaking in all the Olympic-inspired design, naturally!  I’ll start with uniform designs in this post, which will be followed up with a look at some Olympic graphic designs.

Team Great Britain will be outfitted in a “kit” designed by Stella McCartney.  I’m a huge fan of her ready-to-wear looks and have also been impressed by her innovative activewear designs for her Adidas sub-brand.  There was some criticism of her Olympic uniform designs because the color placement isn’t true to the official Union flag.  I personally think they look clean, modern, and slimming (which I’m pretty sure Olympic athletes least benefit from!). View these and more images on British Vogue’s website.

GB Olympic athlete

Stella McCartney design for Team GB

Team GB uniforms

Stella McCartney designs for Team GB

GB Olympic athletes


GB Olympic uniforms

Stella McCartney designs for Team GB

This year Team USA’s opening ceremony uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren.  The all-American appeal preps up this look, keeping it tailored and classy.  The look it topped off with a beret, which has received criticism.

Team USA

Ralph Lauren designs for Team USA

USA Olympic athlete

Ralph Lauren design for Team USA

USA Olympic athletes

Ralph Lauren designs for Team USA

Team USA uniforms

Ralph Lauren designs for Team USA

Link to Ralph Lauren’s website, featuring the Olympic collection.

Nike unveiled their designs for Team USA’s track and field team.  Performance is key in these designs, featuring Nike AeroSwift technology. See more pieces here.  The Olympics inspires experts like Nike to explore more innovative performance fabric capabilities, while staying eco-friendly. To read more about the performance fabrics used in Nike’s designs, click here.

Team USA track uniform

Nike for Team USA track and field

Some other notable designers include Giorgio Armani and Prada for Italy, Salvatore Ferragamo for Republic of San Remo, and Hermès for France.

Just for fun: 12 Ridiculous Olympic Team Outfits Throughout History

UPDATE:  After watching the Opening Ceremony, I wanted to add the “face dress” worn by the women carrying the national signs.  Ignoring the brace-like sign causing these ladies to resemble robots, the dresses were interesting.  They were printed with faces of Olympic volunteers that contributed to the Games.  Image from  Why do I feel like there’s more to the story of these dresses?

face dress opening ceremony

Max Rossi/Reuters


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