The Mad Men Effect

The AMC hit series Mad Men recently broke its 17 month hiatus with a 2 hour premiere last Sunday night.  I have become a diehard fan after watching the first four seasons on Netflix, so I couldn’t resist watching the premiere.  One of my favorite things about the show is the romance of it – playing out the stylish 60’s with coiffed and tailored Joan and oh-so-cool suited Don Draper.  Although sparingly appearing in the show these days, Betty never fails to amaze with her sculpted blonde waves and circle skirts.  While the script of the show holds my interest, I admit the style is what really captures my attention.

Mad Men


Betty and Don


Betty Joan Peggy


Sixties references have been seen in fashion for the past few seasons, taking on a strong presence last Fall.  With the return of Mad Men, I feel a resurgence of the 60’s trend is on the horizon.  Banana Republic debuted their exclusive Mad Men collection last Fall and have updated their offering for Spring (modeled by the couldn’t-be-more-glamourous-if-she-tried Shalom Harlow and a Draper lookalike).  The line includes women’s jewelry and apparel and men’s apparel.

Mad Men fashion

Banana Republic

Mad Men fashion

Banana Republic

The 60’s trend has been sprinkling women’s looks with a floral, feminine touch, contrasted by cropped pants, clean lines, and color blocking.  For men, the trend takes on a tailored, slim-suit look with the occasional crop.  In jewelry florals are bursting onto all silhouettes, including romantic stone-set brooches and necks.  The trend also takes on a sleeker, Twiggy-like form.

60s trend

Colour and Trends


Marni Spring/Summer 2012

It’s also worth mentioning the Mad Men logo, with its simple yet very recognizable look.  The clean, flat design nods 60’s mod, while the figure’s pose hints at Draper’s aloofness.

Mad Men logo


I think what I love most about 60’s style is that it’s classy and seductive at the same time.  What’s interesting is the juxtaposition of clean lines and punchy florals, serious and playful.

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