Why is web design important to graphic designers?

The Internet has so thoroughly infiltrated our every day lives that it’s easy to see why web design is an important and growing industry.  The skills and experience to program a website are far different from the ones it takes to create a brochure or catalog.  The talent required to create the appearance and organization of a website, however, is only a cousin to graphic design.  While there are some overlapping concepts like typography and layout, the main difference seems to be the interactivity aspect of the web.  First and foremost, a website needs to function.  Well.  For the intended audience.  If it happens to look amazing as well, that’s an added bonus.

I think the presence of the web in today’s society is reason enough why web design is important to the future of graphic design.  But in case you’re not convinced, here are a few other reasons to add to the list!

1.  Simply stated, nearly everyone gets on the web and every business has a website (or should).  It is something that has become part of our every day lives, giving us access to resources that make our lives easier.  And, let’s face it, there’s something for everyone.

2.  The web has become a leisure activity and form of entertainment, especially for those who own smart phones and tablets.  According to comScore Data Mine, the average American spends 32 hours per month on the Internet.

3.  E-commerce has also steadily increased in the past few years.  People have grown accustomed to being able to browse via virtual windows, price compare, and gain access to a wider variety of products thanks to the web.  According to statistics on Sparxoo.com, online retail sales are anticipated to grow 10 percent annually for the next five years.

4.  People have turned to the web as a form of connecting with other people, for dating, networking, or just reacquainting.  Social networking has become somewhat of a phenomenon, which — for better or worse — cannot be ignored.

5.  Publications and news sources are gaining web exposure.  The latest breaking news is sometimes seen on the web before anywhere else.

In addition to learning code and web-specific technical skills, keeping up with trends and new technologies relating to the web can be an added challenge for graphic designers.


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